In Sidero, our engineers work with the latest technologies, architecture and frameworks to achieve the desired solution. In this digital era, Sidero recognises the importance of technology solutions that scale, are robust, are secure and cloud native. Sidero also recognises the benefits of leveraging public cloud infrastructure to design and develop enterprise grade SaaS solutions.

Digital Strategy

Companies should have a clear and coherent digital strategy to deliver IT from both employee's and customer's point of view.

They should foster a culture of change and innovation and engage employees in the digital transformation process whilst exploring newer channels to reach to its customers.

Sidero is helping its customers in this Digital Transformation journey and making sure they reach the transformation goal effectively both from a time and cost point of view.

IT Security

In the world of IoT, wearables, social media, machine learning, crypto-currencies and complex nature of cyber security threats corporate IT is faced with its greatest challenge.

The corporate IT departments need to be cognizant of its digital assets, its security and how it can be used as future opportunities.

They need to embrace the digital transformation and become a digitally matured enterprise which can leverage the assets and data to open up more opportunities.

Sidero's senior consultants are involved in large enterprise projects, helping the customers with proper security frameworks and processes (including GDPR) to make sure their digital assets are safe.

Solution Architecture

Today's customers are becoming more demanding than before especially when it comes to software features and behaviours.

Cookie-cutter solutions often do not meet customers requirements.

In most cases a customised solution is required which needs careful attention to architecture and design to meet customer requirements.

Sidero's Architects are working closely with customers to translate business requirements into system, architecture and solution definitions with a balanced technology viewpoint.


We work in all types of modern technology platforms including and not limited to Enterprise Java, Application Servers, Web Services, API Gateways, Open-source libraries and APIs, User Interface, User Experience, JavaScript libraries, Open-source and public cloud platforms.

Containers and Micro-Services

With the advent of "Software as a Service", an efficient cloud computing model is imperative. Designing micro-services and deploying them in containers are vital to achieve scale and high availability.

Our Engineers are involved in large scale Enterprise grade cloud computing projects involving automated pipeline, orchestration, container deployment and micro-services.

Real-time Messaging and Notifications

Real-time interactions and decision making are a must in modern day software development.

This needs careful planning, architecture and design activity to implement a successful real-time messaging platform for each software components to communicate with each other and hence achieve an automated workflow. Also, real-time notifications provide end-users with constant updates of important events and activities.

Sidero Engineers are constantly involved in architecture, design, development and deployment of various messaging platforms using latest technologies and open-source messaging platforms and libraries.