Sidero has become an industry member of CeADAR


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Sidero has become an industry member of the award winning National Centre for Applied Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence at University College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology. Sidero will join over 80 other industry partners ranging from blue-chip multi-nationals to indigenous SMEs spanning every industry vertical in the creation and exploitation of Data Analytics and AI based prototypes, demonstrators, technology reviews, and translational research for its members.CeADAR has recently been awarded the prestigious BDVA i-Spaces appellation. i-Spaces are trusted Europe-wide data incubators targeted to accelerate take-up of data driven innovation in commercial sectors like Manufacturing 4.0, Logistics, eCommerce, Media, Aerospace, Automobile, Energy, Agriculture and Pharmacy. In addition to conducting transformational research, the centre also supports the wider industrial and research community with a range of events, including workshops aimed at bringing together researchers working inin Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence systems as well as fostering multi-disciplinary collaborations. Sidero and CeADARwill collaborate and focus on creating solutions for its customers based on emerging and innovative technologies such as machine learning, deep learning on very large data sets and predictive analytics for large scale mission critical systems. This membership and collaboration will be an ideal opportunity for Sidero to create new opportunities and help accelerate the market impact of many of CeADAR’s most recent research outputs.

Having an indigenous software services company such as Sidero as members of CeADAR provides an enormous potential to accelerate the commercialisation of many of our research assets and provides much needed support for translational research into Applied Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence in Ireland, said Dr Edward McDonnell, Centre Director, CeADAR Centre for Applied Data Analytics John Mee, Director, Sidero said: We are very excited to become members of this market driven technology centre focused on analytics and AI as we believe it helps us solve many of the key technical challenges associated with delivering digital transformational software solutions and services to our customers in the telecom, financial services and critical infrastructure market segments.

About Sidero Technology Solutions
Sidero is a Software Engineering Services company specialising in providing digital transformation support and end to end software development services for large scale enterprise-based systems. The company based in Athlone was formed in 2013 and has a core business of providing expert software development and services to augment and support customers in areas such as Systems Architecture, Design and Implementation, Cloud Deployment, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, System Test and Integration and Agile project management.

About CeADAR
CeADAR is the award-winning National Centre for Applied Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence. It is a market-driven technology centre for the development, and deployment of data analytics and AI technology and innovation. The Centre’s work focuses on developing tools, techniques and technologies that enable more people, organisations and industries to use analytics/AI/IoT for better decision making and competitive advantage. CeADAR is funded by Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and by translational research. The Centre is hosted in University College Dublin in partnership with the Dublin Institute of Technology. Industry membership of CeADAR has grown significantly and now totals 80 industry partners ranging from blue-chip multi-nationals to indigenous SMEs spanning every industry vertical.