Telco Organisation – Sidero's Portfolio

Telco Organisation – Sidero's Portfolio

Telco Organisation

One of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, our customer enables the total value of connectivity by creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt, and scale. This enables success for their customers in a fully connected world.

The Challenge

Our customer provides a range of applications and platforms across monolithic architecture. Google Cloud and our customer come together to help communications service providers deliver capabilities to the edge, unlocking new possibilities for enterprises and consumers alike by refactoring monolithic applications to micro-services with infrastructure modernisation.

The main business challenges included:

  • Migrating applications from monolithic to micro-services
  • Adopting Google Cloud services for cloud native application deployments
  • Application/infrastructure footprints across customer segments


The Solution

Sidero’s Teams as a Service (TaaS) engagement model helped the customer to migrate applications into Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Sidero enabled the modernisation of core infrastructure applications to offer solutions to meet customer demand, unlock business opportunities and transform operations. Understanding the customer application technology and deployment issues, Sidero’s team deployed the applications in Google’s Kubernetes Engine service.

The solution was principally built using the following stacks:

  • Designed and deployed Cloud Landing Zone on GCP incorporating enterprise and cloud best practices
  • Migrated the existing application infrastructure to GCP along with the API platform hosted in a Kubernetes cluster
  • Modernised application deployment with GKE infrastructure with DevOps implementation
  • The Sidero team followed a sprint-based strategy to deploy the solution

The Result

  • The customer has a strong cloud foundation with secure, scalable, modular, and easy-to-access resources
  • Sidero’s solution enabled the customer to scale very fast with a highly available platform and the ability to deploy applications without the added burden of running GKE services
  • Sidero also actively supports the customer in container and Kubernetes best practice as its user base continues to grow