The DevSecOps Landscape

The digital transformation boom experienced in recent years along with increased recognition of SAAS technologies instigated the first use of the term DevOps which was introduced as a flexible and agile methodology that focuses on the rapid delivery of reliable and scalable software.

This approach works by implementing a delivery lifecycle where development and operations teams work closely together to release a versioned application and then quickly gain feedback from external stakeholders on said application.

This delivery lifecycle is then repeated, with the end goal of these development, test, deployment and customer feedback iterations being to reform and enhance the application from what was released in the previous iteration. This is often known as a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

Ovidius Smart Connect

Sidero OSC addresses cost and complexity of creating CI/CD pipelines through our unique automation technology. It also reduces cost of maintaining pipelines by automatically updating essential components such as security.

What is it?

  • OSC is a framework created by Sidero whichrecommends, selects and validates:
    • the code repositories
    • build tools
    • test frameworks
    • deploy options
    • automated security checks needed for your pipeline
  • OSC will download, install and configure everything you need so your business can focus on releasing reliable, scalable and most importantly secure software at rapid speed.


  • Reduced start-up development timeframes
  • Reduced development cost
  • Reduced manual security validation checks
  • Faster software production and feedback at a higher quality
  • Provides defined security compliance
  • Flexibility to adapt and change your CI/CD pipeline with minimal disorder

Use cases

  • Rapid creation of new pipelines for diverse development implementations
  • Validate and improve existing pipelines
  • Add comprehensive security validation to CI/CD pipeline

On Demand DevSecOps Pipeline Generator

How does it work?

The Sidero Pipeline generator works by gathering user input via the configurator UI. The configurator then passes this data to the installer and pipeline engines which install the chosen software and organize them into your CI/CD pipeline.

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