New services and applications quickly become essential services and end user reliance and expectation increases.

Changing consumer patterns and global presence of users across multiple time zones are driving the need for greater than Five 9's systems availability.

At Sidero , we offer a very specific test oriented approach to helping your enterprise achieve extreme availability of production systems.

We have pioneered the use of Chaos Monkey techniques which involves:

  • Creation of random system failure and stress testing through invasive software based agents
  • Measurement and monitoring of system behaviour and reaction to failure and stress testing
  • Measurement and monitoring of system availability during failure and stress testing
  • Designing in resilience and recoverability in response to any observed lack of availability during failure/stress testing

Constant evolution of new failure scenarios based on issue slip through analysis.

Building tests into Test Automation and Continuous Integration frameworks to ensure no degrade in system availability as new functionality is added during development phase.

Measuring availability during system upgrade and preventing any degrade.