Business Process Transformation using Workflow Automation

Telecommunications / Operational Support Systems

A client assignment to design and develop a framework for automating workflow-based procedures.

Purpose of Project

The outcome from this project is a software and documentation framework which allows the user to easily automate frequently executed manual procedures. The framework is integrated into a multi-purpose Operational Support System and enhances the value of the system by automating manual tasks and increasing productivity.


The solution consists of an offline tool for designing automated flows using pre-defined building blocks with drag and drop actions. This produces an xml which is imported into the application and ensures minimal development effort required to implement new automated flows.

The application is an online Web UI which allows pre-defined flows to be invoked from an external system , scheduled or triggered by an event. Flow behaviour can be managed by providing inputs through the UI. The UI provides capability to monitor flow execution progress and review results.

The framework comes with predefined automated flows but also provides an SDK ,Scripting interfaces and documentation to allow users create their own automated flows.

Benefits to Organisation

The benefit to the client is that they have extended the capability of their Operational Support System ( OSS) to run and customise the automation of frequently used manual procedures , thus greatly enhancing the value to their clients.

The benefit of having a Framework is that it allows the client and the client's client to create new automated procedures with minimal development effort.

The benefit to the ultimate end user is the elimination of error and a transformative reduction in time and effort to execute procedures.