Water Monitoring Report and Visualisation Tool


Purpose of Project

The purpose of the project was to transform a highly manual and error prone process into a dependable robust process which allows the Client to generate finger tip reports for its Clients.

Executive Summary

Client is in the business of providing waste water flow surveys to water utility companies based on data from telemetric devices strategically placed in survey areas.

Client required a web based system to create and administer survey projects, mediate flow data from devices and provide visualisation and reports on flows.

This project is an example of the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) where we are leveraging the power of cloud based systems to instrument a segment of the utility industry.


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Full stack implementation in Java / JS deployed on AWS EC2 instances with the following features:

Collection of data logged telemetric devices in database.

Devices mapped to a site with report generation per site and project with features:

  • Flow/ Depth/Velocity/ Rain Gauge plots
  • Dashboard reports exportable in pdf format
  • Calculation and reporting flows from raw data

Creation of configuration screens to manage important parameters, required for calculations.

Creation of administrative screens to manage users and other system configurations.

Mapping application for device administration and visualisation.

A follow on project to use machine learning to auto-correct missing or erroneous data samples from devices has been defined.

Benefits to Organisation

The benefit to the client is that they can generate reports for their clients in much shorter time and with greater accuracy and confidence. This is enabling the client to expand its service delivery capacity and client base with no extra cost.