Transformation of a Large Scale Enterprise System

Telecommunications / Operation Support Sytems

A client assignment to deploy a non cloud-native Telecoms Management System in an Amazon Web Services Cloud environment.

Purpose of Project

Providing learnings and insights on the complexity and effort required to do a commercial lift of the Management System into the AWS Public Cloud.


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The approach taken was to follow a Proof of Concept Model and implement two large vertical slices of system functionality, sufficient to provide insights into all aspects of the functional challenge of transforming to AWS environment.

The first step was to create an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud with Public and Private Networks , Internet and NAT gateways and an IPSec VPN for connecting system to external systems.

The Management System ISO’s were converted to Amazon Machine Images and these images were deployed as Amazon EC2 instances in the VPC. An Admin Console was created to allow quick and easy EC2 instance handling.

The vertical pieces of functionality were integrated and tested with multiple technical issues to be resolved due to the non cloud-native nature of the system under transformation.

Functional use cases were verified in the AWS environment with system level verification to determine performance and latency characteristics.

Sidero teams interacted heavily with Amazon support and triggered changes to the AWS Cloud Eco-system due to the unique nature of the assignment. The working system was deployed over an 8 week period and monitored for cost and operational effectiveness.

Benefits to Organisation

The summary results and learnings were used at the highest levels in the Client Development and Product Management Organisation to inform product roadmaps and make long term decisions on the client’s cloud deployment strategy.