Utilities Organisation – Capital Water

Capital Water delivers monitoring and management services to Commercial and Industrial clients in the water and wastewater Industry across Ireland.

Capital Water

The Challenge

Capital Water conducts environmental monitoring surveys of surface water and wastewater systems using telemetry data collected from multiple environmental monitoring loggers. These instruments typically operate in hostile environments and generate rainfall, flow, depth and velocity data at regular intervals, which are transmitted over Mobile Networks.

The main business challenges included:

Manual processes were required to identify and remedy incorrect data points, which are both error-prone and time-consuming.

Analysis and presentation of information from various server sources to clients took one resource a day per client to carry out.

The organisation found it difficult to scale to cope with larger projects and offer new services.

The Solution

Sidero's consultative engagement model (lead and co-ordinated by a Senior Architect) provided Capital Water with a transparent service, whereby understanding the data metrics (flow, velocity depth and rainfall) and, ultimately, the end user experience, were key to building a successful solution.

The solution was built, principally using the following stacks:

A web-based Java application (Data Management System) centralised the data monitoring and visualisation systems for the management surveys.

Data normalisation was carried out through AI/ML models using AWS Sagemaker.

The Result

Capital Water Systems deliver water and waste water monitoring and management services to Commercial and Industrial clients across Ireland using application of a web-based telemetric hosting system. This system provides clients with an up-to-date live diagnostics of their project.

The centralised collection and collation of all telemetry data allows Capital Water reduce the manual overhead of reporting by up to 75%. The auto-correct of data sets using AI/ML models improves data accuracy up to 95%.

Sidero's future-proofed solution is enabling Capital Water to deliver faster, more accurate and more transparent results to clients. It also provides them with a scalable platform for sustained growth.