Global Networking & Telco Organisation – Cloud SaaS Portal

Our client wished to design and implement a Digital Services Portal that would allow a mobile operator’s customers to order and monitor network communication services in an As a Service Model.

Sidero worked with our client to deliver a digital portal that would become a single pane of glass through which end-users can view the entire Digital Fabric, the on-boarded customers, service usage, existing network capacity etc. The digital service portal is now live, making it the first global SaaS offering from our client, deployed in the public cloud.

Sidero accelerated the client’s transformation to an As a Service Delivery model and enabled the client to beat their competition in offering Mobile Broadband Network Communication and Management services in this manner. This enabled our client to increase its market share, target new markets and reduce its costs.

Some of the high-level functional requirements of the dashboard-based portal included day-to-day service operations management, incident management, knowledge management, dashboards for SLAs/KPIS/Reports, as well as user and customer access management and administration. All of the above are available from a simplified access point via the Digital Services Portal.

Sidero provides ongoing support for the highly reliable SaaS system with multi-layered monitoring and automatic/frequent service level availability tests to ensure required availability.