The benefits we see are:

  • Faster and more meaningful user feedback – brings end user closer to the development team
  • End product proven for relevance and quality at deployment
  • Avoidance of costly re-development and re-work
  • Time to market dramatically reduced – from local to production environment in 20 minutes
  • Fail fast for unused / unusable features

Using the know-how and experience we have built up in developing a software delivery cycle of less than 20 mins from developer environment to production environment, we can help you realise these same benefits.

Our engineers can analyse your Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment processes, recommend changes or design and implement new processes to improve speed and reduce feedback cycles.

We work with industry leading CI tools and deploy the latest Devops thinking and practices.

We use latest scripting and orchestration tools to automate software deployment.

Please contact us if you wish to see our CI Model – CI/CI Pipelining for Rapid Software Delivery – The Sidero Way